Some Trade Policy-Related Papers

Emerging Economies and the WTO Ms. Mariarosaria Iorio of the International Gender and Trade Network (IGTN) thinks, among other things, that the fact that the insistence of emerging economies on keeping the Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM) during the last Doha Round, an insistence that led to the breakdown of the round, shows that the world […]

Mobile Telephony and SMEs

Mobile phones can only do so much. A study recently finds: that there are ways in which costs and risks are being reduced and time saved, often by substitution of journeys. But it also finds a continuing need for journeys and physical meetings due to issues of trust, design intensity, physical inspection and exchange, and […]

Beautiful Africa 9th Edition

The 9th edition of the Beatiful Africa Blog Carnival is currently online. It is hosted by Szavanna, and: includes amongst others a solar cooker recipe, writings by three very talented bloggers, you can also spend some time discovering South Africa’s wildlife, get to see the Olive-backed forest robin, a newly spotted bird species from Gabon, […]

Discovering 9ice

My good friend, Akinlabi, told me about 9ice when I went to see him in Ilorin some months ago. For some reasons (perhaps because I am some sort of snub?) I never really listened to it. I guess it is really because of the Gongo aso hype…. Anyway, I was in a friend’s car some […]

Fola, A Short Story

Fola stood before her father’s sickbed, staring at him with what seemed like rapt attention but she wasn’t seeing anything. As she stood staring, her feelings traversed the fields of sympathy, pity, disgust, and anger. These feelings were so deep that the images they called-up in her mind were so overwhelming she felt they would […]

Mark MacKinnon on Mikhail Saakashvili

Image via Wikipedia Mark MacKinnon knows Saakashvili quite a bit, and he can’t help but wonder what he was thinking when he attacked South Ossetia: He must have known that attacking South Ossetia would provoke a massive, and disproportionate, Russian response. He should have realized that his government might not survive such a confrontation. And […]

Of Stereotypes, Nigerian Igbo and Beninese Yoruba

Researchers familiar with Nigeria would know that the Igbo have the reputation of being the money-loving, money-making, industrious people of Nigeria. The stereotypes go this way: The Igbo are the traders, the Yoruba are your average school-goers who look forward to a comfortable future earning predictable salaries, and the Hausa rule the country (never mind […]

Athletics, Doping and Fairness

I had been thinking about the issue so it was really nice to read it in the current edition of The Economist. The article is here. Just so it is clear, I am on the article’s side of the argument.